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Ukuleles For Peace

Ukuleles For Peace is an international organisation founded by Paul Moore. Its aim is to unite Jewish and Muslim children in a spirit of co-operation and peace through the medium of music. All money raised from the sale of these products is sent by me to Ukuleles For Peace. None of the contributors or myself make any money from this sale.

There are two collections of ukulele tabs that you can buy to support this charity.

Ukuleles For Peace 2018 - TAB Download . This comprises 26 beautiful ukulele pieces by some of the world’s best arrangers. 

Ukuleles For Peace 2011 - eBook. It contains 20 arrangements by Al Wood, Colin Tribe, Herman Vandecauter, Michael Lynch and myself. The Foreword is by James Hill and the Introduction is by Paul Moore.

These products are digital downloads

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