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Frequently Asked Questions


Ken, where are you based? I live in England.

How long have you been playing the ukulele? About 60 years, off and on.

Which is your favourite size of ukulele? I own more tenors than all the other sizes put together. I nearly always play the tenor in concerts and when I give workshops. But I also love the baritones and sopranos. I don't own any concert ukuleles.


Can you ship strings to my country? Yes, I send them all over the World. 
I don't like wound strings. Do you use wound strings in any of your sets? No, all my strings are just 100% fluorocarbon.

How do I order custom strings? There are far too many possibilities to include them all on the website. The sets that are asked for most can be ordered from my store, just like regular sets. For anything else, just send me an email saying exactly what you require. And don't forget to give me your full shipping address. I will send you an invoice for payment.

How do I pay for my purchases? You can pay securely with any credit or debit card, or checkout with Apple Pay or PayPal.

Do you include regular notation along with the TABs? Yes, I do. Some players like to use conventional notation alongside TABs.

Are your TABs easy to play? Most are straightforward and fun to play. Though you will need to have some understanding of TAB or regular musical notation to learn them.

Do you just make ukulele videos? I have over 800 videos on YouTube, and the vast majority are for ukulele. However, I have also uploaded videos in which I play guitar, hand pan, dulcimer and piano.

Do you prefer to make videos on your own or with other people? I am so fortunate to know a great many really excellent ukulele players. I love to get together with friends to make videos. We usually record without rehearsal. It is more fun that way.

What is the best ukulele to buy? The one that you can afford. It is better to have one good ukulele than several inexpensive ones.
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