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I'm Ken Middleton and I live in a small village in England. I am a Christian. I enjoy playing the ukulele as well as a range of other instruments.


For 35 years I was a classroom music teacher at a high school. After that I worked for Ohana Music, a well-known ukulele company based in Long Beach, California. During this time I also performed and gave ukulele workshops at festivals all over the world. 


Whilst still woking for Ohana, I created my own company called Living Water Strings. These strings are made from pure fluorocarbon. I initially made them for myself. I wanted some strings that exactly fitted my requirements. I am gratified that they have been so well received. They are available for all four sizes of ukulele: Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. I also make custom sets, for players who require something different.


Contrary to what it says on the packet, my strings are made by me, in England. You can buy the strings from my online store on this website.

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