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Aline Kelly
Cantiga – Paoliello
Minuet – Bach
Minuet – Krieger
Prelude no1 – Aline Kelly
Study V – Brouwer


Ben Rouse
Lagrima – Tarrega
Nearer My God To Thee – Mason
Sailors’ Hornpipe – Traditional


Colin Tribe
Hawaiian Waves – Colin Tribe
Number 18 – Paganini/Rachmaninov
Radetzky March – J Strauss I
To A Wild Rose – MacDowell


Ken Middleton
Across The Ponte Vecchio – Ken Middleton
Campanile – Ken Middleton
Frére Jacques – Traditional
The Walls of Lucca – Ken Middleton


Phil Doleman
Greensleeves – Traditional
Jenny Pluck Pears – Playford (editor)
Parson’s Farewell – Playford (editor)
The Reentrant Rag – Phil Doleman


Samantha Muir
Allegretto in C – Sor
Allegretto in G – Carulli
Andante in D minor – Sor
La Volta – Anon
Muddy Roads – Traditional
Simple Etude in D minor – Carulli

Ukulele For Peace - TAB Download (2018)

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