Living Water Strings

Your ukulele will love them

Made from 100% pure fluorocarbon, these strings give a wonderfully vibrant, crystal-clear tone to your ukulele. They don’t break easily, they give a beautiful even tone and last for a long time. Living Water Strings are available for all four sizes of ukulele: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. They are made in England.

All strings, including the lowest ones, are made entirely from fluorocarbon. No wound strings are used in any sets. I believe that many players, myself included, do not care for the tone of wound strings. Fluorocarbon feels better, gives a good balance of volume, and doesn’t wear out so quickly.

Here are the 8 regular sets that are available.

Sizes and Prices Chart latest- March 2022.jpg

Custom String Sets

If you require advice on unusual string combinations or want to put together a non-standard set, please contact me by email. Please let me know exactly what you require and include include any regular sets you also need. If you wish to add custom set(s) to a regular order you have just placed on this website, please let me know if you want them delivered together.

Do remember that custom sets are what customers have requested and that I myself don't necessarily recommend them in place of regular sets. There are hundreds of possible custom sets, but 8 of the most popular ones can now be ordered online, just like regular sets. Naturally, custom strings cost a little more than similar regular strings.