The Joshua Tree Song

The Joshua Tree Song (Ode to Gram Parsons). Here is an outdoor version. It was written by Kenny Walters, who is playing it with me. The song is based on a simple ad lib version we did at the Joshua Tree National Park, in California, earlier in the year.

This new version was actually recorded first. The recording was made outside the cabin we were sharing in Unionville, Indiana, during this year’s Ukulele World Congress, in early June.

The song is both about the story of Gram Parsons’ death and cremation at Joshua Tree, whilst also relating in words something of the staggering beauty of that mysterious desert landscape.

For comparison, here is the previous video of the new completed song. This was actually recorded after the above version. We moved indoors because it gave us more control of the recording process. Indoors there was less noise, less pollen and better acoustics.

Just for completeness, here’s the original improvised song, recorded in the desert at Joshua Tree in January. It was cold. The trip to the park had been organised by our good mutual friend Alan Ferentz, who is also playing on the video.

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