MacPherson’s Farewell

A brand new clawhammer arrangement of a well-known Scottish folk tune. It can, of course, also be played fingerstyle.

It needs to be played on a re-entrant-tuned (high 4th) ukulele. To perform it you need to detune the 4th string by a full step (2 semitones).

You can purchase this arrangement here:

The download has a version of the piece for re-entrant baritone, as well as versions in D and C tuning.

And here’s the video for the soprano, concert and tenor version.

And here’s the gGBE baritone version.

I am playing my fabulous deep-bodied custom baritone, made for me by Mike Pereira. It has a beautiful tone.

Hope you enjoy.

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  1. I just found your website because I heard about you at a ukulele camp in Carmel Valley. Your playing and selection of songs simply wonderful. I have enjoyed your piano improv too.
    Thank you.
    Gail Price

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