Living Water Strings

Living Water Ukulele Strings

Made from 100% clear fluorocarbon

Manufactured from hi-tech fluorocarbon, these strings give a wonderfully vibrant, crystal-clear tone to your ukulele. They don’t break easily, give a beautiful even tone and last a long time.

Living Water Ukulele Strings are available for all four sizes of ukulele: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. They are actually made in England.

Although designed primarily for C6 (soprano, concert and tenor) or G6 tuning (baritone), they could equally well be tuned up a full step to D6 or A6 tuning. The tension will, of course, be a little higher if this is done.

All strings, including the lowest ones, are made entirely from pure fluorocarbon. No wound strings are used in any sets. I believe that many players, myself included, do not care for the sound that a wound string produces. Added to this, fluorocarbon feels better, gives a good balance of volume and doesn’t wear out so quickly.

Here are the descriptions and diameters of the regular string sets.

Custom Sets – If you require advice on unusual string combinations or want to put together a non-standard set, please contact me by email.  Please let me know exactly what you require and include the country to which they will be shipped. Custom strings cost a little more than similar regular strings.

Examples of custom sets include:

Baritone Custom – gCEA (high G)
Baritone Custom – GCEA (low G)
Tenor Custom – low tension (high G)
Tenor Custom – low tension (low G)
Tenor Custom – 8 string (G & C in octaves, E & A in unison)
Tenor Custom – dGBE (high D)

Shipping to anywhere in the world is just £3.00 per order (even if you live on the other side of the world). For UK customers the shipping charge is £1.50 per order. You can buy as many packets of strings as you like and pay just one postal charge. All prices are in British Pounds.

If you have any questions about these strings, please contact me on this email:

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