Two new tab arrangements

I have just arranged two more folk tunes for ukulele:

Cherry Garden and Over The Hills And Far Away.

Both of these arrangement use campanella voicing. Both are not that hard to play.

As with all my recent single arrangements, each download comprises 3 versions: one for regular C tuning, one for D tuning and one for re-entrant baritone tuning.

Both arrangements can be purchased from my website. A recording for the latest one will be available soon.

Many thanks.

Baritone Re-entrant Living Water Strings

I have made a small change to the regular set. From today, the high D 4th string will be a little thicker and so have slightly more tension. Order from my online store.

The old set will still be available as a custom order. For the moment it will still cost the same. Order by email.

Phones and tablets

Ordering strings is now even easier on my new website. You can now access the website and order strings using a smartphone or tablet. It works really well. And remember, there is only one shipping charge per order. Order as many sets as you like for the same postage.