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Ken Middleton

Remember: a ukulele is forever

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Calendar of Events

These are the ukulele-related events I shall be attending during 2014 and 2015. More will be added soon.

 Ukes For UNICEF
Berkhamsted, UK
1 March 2014
Workshop, performance and stall
Frankfurt, Germany
11-15 March 2014
 Paris Ukulele Festival
La Bellevilloise, Paris
17 May 2014
Stall and workshop
 Acoustic Guitar Meeting
Sarzana, Italy
28-22 June 2014

Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain
Cheltenham, UK
28-31 May 2014
Stall and workshop
 2nd Czech Ukulele Festival
Prague, Czech Republic
25-27 July 2014
Performance, workshop and stall
 Ukulele Hooley By The Sea
Dun Laoghaire, Ireland
23-24 August 2014
Not sure what I am doing yet
 Grand Northern Ukulele Festival
Huddersfield, UK
13-14 September 2014
Stall and workshops
Workshop Day Potter's Bar
Wyllyots Theatre
15 November 2014
Anaheim, CA
22-25 January 2015
 Ukes for UNICEF
Berkhamsted, UK
28 February 2015
Stall, workshop and performance
Frankfurt, Germany
15-18 April 2015

 Helsinki Festival
22-24 May 2015
Workshops and performances
 UWC VIIUkulele World Congress
Needmore, Indiana, USA
5-6 June 2015
Just for fun
Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain
Cheltenham, UK
19-21 June 2015
Workshops and stand

Martha's Vineyard Ukulele Festival
Featherstone Center For The Arts
Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, USA
19 September 2015
Performing and workshops